Solutions for water power / hydro

You are a manufacturer of hydroelectric power plants and want to optimize your plant performance, reduce your operating costs and comply with environmental regulations? Then you need DASYLab SPS Edition, the software solution for PLC diagnostics and evaluation tasks.

With DASYLab SPS Edition you can:

  • Easily access the symbolics of your S7 or TIA controllers without requiring programming skills
  • Read and write data from your controllers to adjust parameters or fix errors
  • Visualize, record, evaluate and archive data to identify trends or create reports
  • Create and customize your own layouts (HMI) to intuitively control or monitor your plants
  • Use up to 256 channels per PLC module to manage multiple plants simultaneously

DASYLab SPS Edition is the ideal software solution for the hydropower industry. It helps you design and operate your plants more efficiently.

With DASYLab SPS Edition you can master the challenges of the hydropower industry:

  • You can minimize the impact of your plants on the environment by monitoring and regulating water flow, water temperature, water quality and sediment buildup
  • Adapt your plants to climate change by increasing resilience to extreme weather events and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from your reservoirs
  • Modernize your plants by replacing or expanding outdated technologies and complying with new safety standards
  • Operate your plants flexibly by quickly responding to fluctuations in electricity demand and integrating other renewable energy sources

Let DASYLab SPS Edition convince you and test the software for free. Browse on our website or contact us for more information.

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