A journey saved

DasyLab visually presents and stores variables of a manufacturing process by means of diagnosis via phone. No-load timed can thus be ascertained and eliminated. This leads to a considerable improvement in the productivity of the plant.

The firm Karl Markert, Elektro-Elektronik (Mainaschaff), active in the planning and implementation of control, measurement and regulatory projects, developd a plant for the manufacture of water pumps for cars. In this plant, the worpiece goes through 12 process stages.

Following the approval and successful start-up of the plant the question arose as to whether the effectiveness of the process could be increased without constructional modifications to the machine.

Expenses saved

During the guarantee period a TELESERVICE adapter, with a telephone connection, is installed. Since TELESERVICE was started it has therefore been possible to use DasyLab to carry out the checks of cycle time. A costly and time-consuming journey of 270 Km to the plant has thus not been necessary.

DasyLab recorded and stored twelve relevant data sectors from an S7-315. A monitoring period of only 70 seconds was needed to obtain all the data necessary to optimalise the performance of the plant. Analysis of the data and the search for no-load times was carried out directly in the DasyLab continuous-line recorder as a result, it was possible to reduce the cycle time of the whole process of treatment from 22 to 18 seconds; the elimination of the established no-load times led to an increase of 18% in product output!

DasyLab has a future in the Markert firm

Mr. Markert praised the 'operator-friendly user interface' of DasyLab and the 'simple and rapid creation of the application'. In order to be able to react even faster with possible service assignments, in the preparation of plant projects in the future a corresponding DasyLab worksheet will be simultaneously produced.

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