DASYLab SPS Edition - PLC Diagnosis

Our PLC edition software is used by well-known customers from almost all industries worldwide. We focus on the energy, automotive, and processing industries. Our software has gained a high profile for access to S7 controllers through recommendations, thanks to the high level of satisfaction of the engineers who use it. The DASYLab PLC edition is a software package that can be installed on SIMATIC® programming devices and other PC-based devices. It is used to read and write in PLC controls via MPI, Profibus / Profinet, and Ethernet. All data stored in the process image of the SIMATIC® S7 (1500, 1200, 400, 300, 200) controller can be easily accessed and analyzed, visualized, and archived according to individual requirements. This ensures that you can meet your requirements, such as government regulations, environmental requirements, or safety-related aspects. We offer more than 120 analysis, control, and visualization modules, ranging from individual data acquisition functions to preconfigured standard sequences. You only need this single tool to reliably record, analyze, visualize, and process signals of all types.

Direct driver access to your PLC:

Direct driver access to your PLC:
  • SIMATIC® S7-1500
  • SIMATIC® S7-1200
  • SIMATIC® S7-1200
  • SIMATIC® S7-400
  • SIMATIC® S7-300
  • SIMATIC® S7-200
  • Optional: OPC
  • Measuring Cards

Configurable modules - no programming knowledge necessary:

Configurable modules - no programming knowledge necessary:
  • Create reusable Worksheets
  • Direct access to your PLC data (nothing will be changed)
  • Visualize your data with graphic Displays
  • If needed create operated HMI surfaces
  • Process and trigger your data during the measurement
  • Use offline analysis or export - it is easy to use
  • Apply your channel names and adresses from your plc projects
  • Uninterruptable measurement even if there are connection troubles

Versions of the DASYLab SPS Edition (for PLC)

The DASYLab SPS Edition (for PLC) is in four configurations available, therefore beginners and also advanced users can use the software ideal.

  • Lite: All basic functions for the basic PLC diagnosis, limited to 64 channels. (SIMATIC® Read)
  • Standard: With additonal modules for mathematic and fundamental analysis & automation tasks. (SIMATIC® Read)
  • Full: Completed with measuring card extensions. (SIMATIC® Read)
  • Pro: For complex analysis, control and automation tasks. (SIMATIC® Read & Write)
Furthermore there is a Runtime version, which allows to run worksheets (.dsb) without edit features.

DASYLab SPS Edition (for PLC): Funcition overview

Download: Demo & Datasheet

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The included PLC module can help you with the following tasks:

  • Checking the functional sequences of plants and machines
  • Acquiring, verifying, and evaluating process data of the plant/machine (troubleshooting)
  • Preparing measurement protocols for quality control
  • Monitoring plant data permanently
  • Limit monitoring of plants
  • Monitoring temporal processes
  • Timed starting and stopping of the measured value acquisition
  • Long-term measurement with comfortable evaluation
  • Graphical representation of the transient response of control circuits
  • Logging of message texts
  • Linking process data with mathematical or logical functions
  • Action-controlled measurements

The DASYLab PLC Edition allows:

  • Select channels directly from your PLC-Projects
  • Various visualization options
  • Quick and easy measurement setup through intuitive user guidance
  • Versatile evaluation options
  • Easy data exchange with EXCEL and other Windows programs

Compatible measuring cards:

Compatible measuring cards:
Use measuring cards for your DASYLab SPS Edition (for PLC) to get further signals.

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PLC Diagnosis Micro-PC:

PLC Diagnosis Micro-PC:
Fanless Micro PC combined with DASYLab SPS Edition for the diagnosis of your PLC.


PLC Diagnosis Device Pro:

PLC Diagnosis Device Pro:
Use the diagnosis device, delivered with the DASYLab SPS Edition (for PLC).


Demo version & Data sheet

Demo version & Data sheet
Get the demo and full version of DASYLab SPS Edition (for PLC).



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