New: PLC Diagnosis Device Pro

Use the diagnosis device, which is similar to an programing device or Field PG, delivered with the DASYLab SPS Edition (for PLC).
You will get an special service by a complete preinstalled unit.

The Pro device is "semi rugged", therefore you can use it in rough areas, without recording outage.

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Easy to use: Hotkeys for DASYLab SPS Edition

In DASYLab SPS Edition you can use default hotkeys and create your own,
you can even load a worksheet with your seleceted hotkey.

In the Top menu under Options you'll find the Hotkeys:
Use this dialog box to assign shortcuts to or to remove shortcuts from menu functions.
These Hotkeys make it easier to operate frequently used functions with the keyboard,
for example, Undo with <Ctrl-Z>, Start Measurement with <F5>, or Open Layout with <F4>.

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DASYLab SPS Edition functions: Event search

Event Search is a very usefull function of your curve writer:
Use this dialog box to inspect a curve for specific events.

You describe an event with a level or the signal amplitude and the level duration. For example, DASYLab searches for an event with a level that exceeds 5 volt for at least 10 seconds.

Search Definition: Channel name — Specifies one data channel or all data channels in which DASYLab searches for the event.

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DASYLab SL-Edition released

The start of the year saw the launch of SL-automation GmbH & Co. KG, a sister company to the data acquisition specialist measX in Mönchengladbach. The focus of the new company lies on supporting industrial customers with PLC systems. It will be the exclusive provider of the new DASYLab SPS Edition for analysis and fault diagnosis

Users of programmable logic controllers (PLC) for machines and plants have a great need for software tools for the commissioning and maintenance of their systems. The new sister company of measX, called SL-automation, offers these customers application-specific know-how and special software products. The company was able to obtain several former employees of the company Servicelab Ltd., which is no longer active, and profits from their experience in the field of industrial controllers.

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